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Fire wood ,Saw dust Industrial Dryers


Ran Lanka – Industrial Dryers.
 For hygienic and cost effective drying of various products in large quantity of commercial basis.
 Applicable in various industries, Fruits( Pineapple, Mango, banana ect.) Vegetables, coconut, chilies, spices,grains, fish, noodles, papa dam, herbals, ceramics, chemicals ect.
 Wet materials are lorded in trays.
 Hot air blow parallel to trays by electric blower fans passes through wet materials.
 Extracting moisture from wet materials escapes through the openings at end of the machine.
 Automatic temperature controller & digital type temperature meter provided.
 Mild steel fabricated machine frame, double covered Zn/Al sheets & glass wool insulated to prevent heat losses.
 Fuel: – Diesel, Kerosene oil, Saw dust or fire wood.
 Automatic fuel burners for diesel & kerosene oil dryers.
 No. of Trays: 40 / 60 nos.
 Tray Dimensions:- 42”x30”.
 Temperature range: – 40⁰ -120 ⁰ C.


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